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It's nice to still see cd32 compilations being made !

An idea of mine was that it would be nice to have separate genre compilations, e.g a shoot'em'up compilation, a platform comiplation etc. It would be easier to remember what games are on what disc when you power up the console to play a bit. With many comps out there allready, it's a bit confusing (i know you can print some covers or even write them down, but a simple SHMUP compilation (this in particular would make me happy, i love amiga shmups and there's a ton of them) on the label would be more than enough to get you going)

Other than that, I would love to see a compilation with really old amiga games, such as battleships, RVF Honda, Qix, Mech etc, and certainly as many as good public domain games as possible (Drip, TANX, infiltrator, Party games -lol), again in the same fashion, separate comps for each "theme"
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