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Amiga related BBS's

Considering my new interest in Amiga/Amiga emu I have come to realize that the Classic Workbench and other Amiga software is a pretty functional and snazzy set-up with a minimal footprint compared to todays bloated software and o/s's. I am actually able to perform some real work with my emulated Amiga set-up.
I think back to my days Bbsing in the early 1980's with a 1200 baud modem and recall I have some fond memories of those times.
Fast forward to 2014...I live in rural Florida and my only high-speed internet option is satellite, with which I have a daily bandwith cap. Downloading any significant software for modern operating systems usually leaves me hard-throttled, feeling like I'm on dial-up.
Hmmm...the Amiga is starting to look better...lot's of nice software and games with a small filesize.
Finally getting to my point & request...does anyone have a good list of current Amiga related telnetable BBS's?
I think I want to re-kindle my earlier memories of bbsing like the days before the internet like we know it.
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