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Thread necromancy ahoy!

Well, now that Putty Squad and other shit is out the way, I thought i'd return to this one.

I now have it running independant of WHDLoad

At the moment it requires any 1meg Amiga minimum, I know the original Atari ST release was 512k, but because of the way this game is being converted, I simply don't have the available memory in 512k to fit all game data, Atari ST screen and Amiga screen with copperlist and all the other Amiga stuff.

Its not much of a problem considering most Amiga owners had 1meg in any case, so its not really a problem.

So, I was worried that the game would be too slow, well actually, running in WinUAE in an A500 setup with exact timing, i've compared it to a video of the Atari ST version running on YouTube, and it doesn't look discernably slower at all, which frankly amazes me.

Also the ingame screen is smaller than 320x200, so I will be able to optimize my screen conversion routine to be quicker because it will have less data to convert, but that can wait for the moment.

I can now use joystick and move around the map and its going as expected. Theres a crash that occurs if I leave the game to sit there, but I think thats simply a memory overlap problem that will be cured in due course.

The music in the game is shit, but, if anyone feels like doing a small 4 channel Protracker module, that would be good.

The game originally stored all the graphics in lower chip mem, well i've transferred that all to fast memory/extra memory so that I had enough room in chip ram for the Amiga screen. I also still have over 100k free, but would obviously like something smaller incase of problems, as i'm running out of memory below the game area for my code to do joysticks, keyboards and all that fun stuff, so if anyone feels like being useful, that would be great to get something running
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