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AMD Athlon XP doesn't support SSE2 instructions. Visual Studio 2012/2013 builds for SSE2 by default.

emufan: Take a look at the thread I posted a while ago about building WinUAE 2.7.0 with Visual Studio 2013. Download the archive and unpack it. If you run the SSE2 executable it will probably crash in the same way as the official 2.7.1b1. However, hopefully the SSE and x86 executables will work on your system. Do they?

If that is the cause of the problem, I suggest this (which might be a bit of a pain to set up initially):
- Add CPU type detection code to WinUAE, show a dialog box and quit if the CPU doesn't support the needed feature. That init code would be compiled for x86 to run on any CPU.
- For the final release installer, build x86, SSE, SSE2 (and maybe even AVX) executables. So as not to bloat the installer, use some kind of delta/patch system. The installer would contain one executable, then apply the appropriate delta to generate the best executable for the user's CPU. Maybe allow manual selection too?

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