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I surely forgot some but you will have already a good bunch of platform games.
there is the list: (enjoy )

brian the lion, mr nutz,arabian nights,B.C.kid,bubba 'n' stix,bubble bobble,carvup, chuck rock 1 & 2, cool spot, first samurai, second samurai, flood, fire and ice,fire and brimstone, furry of the furries, gods, great giana sisters, james pond 1 2 3, joe and mac, jim power, kid chaos, killing game show, leander, lethal weapon, lionheart, liquid kids, lost vickings, magic pocket, mega twins, midnight resistance, Monty Python's Flying Circus, morph, myth, newzealand story, naughty ones, odyssey, ork, oscar, pinkie, premiere, prince of persia, puggsy, putty, quick the thunder rabbit, qwak, rainbow islands, rick dangerous 1 2 2,5 , risky woods, robocop 2, rod-land, ruff 'n' tumble, seven gates of jambala, shadow of the beast 1,2,3 ,sleepwalker, snow bros, soccer kid, sqrxz, stormlord, superfrog, switchblade 1&2, toki, trolls, twin world, venus flytrap, whizz, wolfchild, wiz'n'liz, wonder dog, yo! joe!, zool 1 & 2, another world, exile, sly psy secret agent, weird dreams, wrath of the demon,.
ps: oops, i forgot flashback !!!!, harlequin, addams family, turrican 1 2 & 3, base jumpers, bubble and squeak, deliverance,fred, hugo, jumping jackson, nebulus, prehistoric, super methane bros.

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