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Superfrog was banned from Emu-UK (Which has nothing to do with here) because he was being a pain, and generally ignoring advice.

He would post/create stupid, pointless threads, many of which were simply advertising his own superfrog forum?!?!

He was told time and again, to keep on topic, but he ignored, then alot of the mods and admins got stupid pointless PM's apologising for pointless threads (I recieved at least 20 myself!).

He enjoyed annoying!

Trodas on the other hand, has come onto an Amiga forum (which promotes use of both Winuae and the Real Deal) and openly slagged off WinUAE, he didn't ask a question, he simply stated

Tought generaly WinUAE suxx like hell, when come to play - slow, buggy, no synchronization of screen, no real joystick (at least i dont have any plugged into my SoundCard - and i still need digital not analog one...) and so on
this is not asking for any help or advice, it was meant to annoy and he succeeded (If we ignore these ppl, flame wars and mass verbal abuse etc.. wont happen!)

It seems Galahad knows him pretty well, maybe Trodas should take any comments on board and calm down.


A few WHDload games don't work with WinUAE (ATR for example) I know this because I have personally tested over 800 WHDLoad games, and there a few that don't work.

Turrican 2 (WHDLoad) on the other hand works perfectly, maybe you should look at your "emulated" setup, and for games which rely on critical timing etc (and WHDLoad especially) turn OFF JIT!

A standard a1200 ec020 config with 2mb chip and 4mb fast should let you play 80%+ of WHDLoad games

Also get a Parallel Amiga 4 way joystick adapter and connect to the PC, next download PPJoy and configure, then use your DIGITAL Amiga joystick in winuae

All you had to do was ask <g>
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