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Originally posted by Burseg
I think trodas is just being honest.
...but is there a real need for a kickban? If I were attacked just because I said "suxxx" I wouldn't behave any better. I don't think trodas is like Fil or Superfrog, just a guy who made the mistake to compare emulation with the real thing. Let's just keep cool and rethink about it people WinUAE is getting better and getting more complicated everyday.
Well, being honest is one thing, but I think his tone was pretty antagonizing through most of his messages (and quite a bit smug on top of everything else).

I still don't see what Superfrog did that everyone sees as so bad. He snubbed his nose at a group of people who tried to help him with his web page. All of the other things that he did were done AFTER he was banned, or were on Emu-UK, which has nothing to do with here. How is his pre-banning performance any different to what we are seeing from trodas (I'm open-minded, maybe I have a short memory on this one). The only reason I bring this up is the non-stop references to Superfrog at least weekly - you'd think he was performing DoS ping floods or something...
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