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I would agree with Slaapliedje and many others on this one.. While I have nothing against the OS4 crowd, that is not the true Amiga experience in my book. What brought me back into the Amiga fold after all these years is simply nostalgia. The Amiga is just fun to mess around with. Sure, for the money i have dumped into my A4K I could have a wicked fast PC. My Amiga is not going to outperform my thinkpad, or even my dual core celeron zbox running Linux. What company would honestly be willing to invest in a brand that has no appeal other than to us nostalgic fanboys (and girls)? And what would be the point? A new chip architecture to rival Intel? Good luck with that.

Look at what the last company did with the commodore badge in the US. They basically bought a generic underpowered all-in-one pc, tweaked a Linux distro, slapped the commodore name on it, and sold it for way too much money. Is that what we want out of the next generation? Personally, the best group to buy the name and the rights, would be a company that is already producing Amiga equipment today. I'm talking about the companies who continue to innovate and bring us new expansion opportunities. They are closest we will get to the real creative, independent, and innovative Amiga spirit.
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