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A new "Amiga" (Amiga named or not) have to be something different from the mainstream electronics and a all in one mashine (just one or two interfaces for hardware developer and hobbyists). It doesn`t need to have best gfx or fastest cpu. It need passive cooling in a small case so it can easy taken to a friend or scene party. Easy/fast to use development emvironment. Maybe one special feature that nobody else has. It must be cheap and last long (at least repairable): Max. price = years to use * 50,- EUR. So 500,- for a 10 years mashine. Nobody need a throwaway device in the future. Todays computer/devices are for the dump to make it bigger and they are just boring.

The most firms (at least the big ones) don`t want this. So it needs a company or a skilled community who are against capitalism and have a good knowledge about Amiga.

If you want to use original Amiga hardware sooner or later hardware is needed because the old ones just die. Alternative there is emulation. I don`t see a reason why you should use emulation if the orignal no more exists. Better then use Aros or something like that.

This had happen about 15-19 years ago.

ps: I think the last computer "revolution" was the CD or HD. Computer itself work the same as always. Maybe quantum computer could be the next revolution.
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