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Originally Posted by Anachronia View Post
This is an 'Enemy' thread, but ok...:

Check the building with the four towers: red and blue stripes show you how many locomotives you have to lead home:

In the bonus round, yellow balls show you how many locomotives are left to reduce the number of tasks in the next round:

You can press left mousebutton on the 'clock' to speedup all locomotives. But in higher levels is this no good idea.

Important hint: you can let pass one locomotive by pressing right mousebutton on a branch.
thanks master for the info
also you can accel the locomotives using space I just discover this

mad locs is insane as locomotion I played until a level called "mexico city"
such level is impossible unless you use save states, if you make minimum mistake or breathe some air for 2 seconds the time expires
seems you have created the hardest videogames in the history of the world
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