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Originally posted by DrBong
And if you *are* using a pirate key, whilst you're at it think about registering are obviously distressed enough by the fact that you can't get it working properly to have posted a message here about it.

No pirate keys (or cracks of WHDLoad) will ever work 100% because they are sent to the WHDLoad author as soon as they are released. The author then makes sure that the pirate keys will not work on further updates.

On the other hand, WHDLoad is not guaranteed to work under Amiga emulation either because it is intended for use on *real* Amigas only. This may be causing your problems if you are not using a pirate key or cracked version.
I'm registered and own a key as skave developer for WHDLoad.
I'm an member of Action, which wotk alot with WHDLoad and anyone who use it should support Wepl (WhdLoad author) by registering and get your own key.
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