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A new Amiga simply makes no sense. The world has changed, now unless you have deep pockets and follow some industry standards, there is no room for 'different' which is exactly what the Amiga is.

It would be pretty much IMPOSSIBLE for ANY manufacturer to pop out of the blue with a new super amazing machine of the likes that the Amiga did back in 1985.

To put the Amiga in perspective, there NO competition for the machine in 1985, and it was light years ahead of everything in the world.

It didn't have to compete with PC graphics cards and amazing sound cards, the likes of ATi didn't exist or if they did, they were certainly in their infancy, Sony didn't have a Playstation, Nintendo were resting on their laurels with the NES, Sega were pissing about with the Master System, and Atari were 'competing' with the ST series which were all kinds of bollocks in comparison.

Consider today however, and its not so easy.

How can a small startup like Amiga Inc. hope to compete with the sheer powerhouses of Microsoft, Sony, et al?

I would imagine that Sony have spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing the PS4, and likely the same for Microsoft.

For the Amiga to have the same impact, it would have to be a machine that makes the PS4 and XBox One and current PC's look infantile, and would have to be so technically amazing, that it takes minimum 5 years for other manufacturers to be capable of delivering a better machine.

And that Amiga would also have to be PC compatible for it to be accepted by more than just gamers.

If such a machine could be made, I can assure you, it wouldn't take 5 years to beat, hardware manufacturers and designers would have it beaten in 6 months flat, PC's would catch up and surpass it in the same time.

There is no more market for a new Amiga, because the essence of the Amiga is now a PS3/4 or XBox 360/One, they have on average a 6-7 year life span.

If the Amiga were to have survived, it would have been something like those machines.

Give up the dream, the world has moved on, a new Amiga isn't needed or wanted, and even if someone with deep pockets made it, it wouldn't actually be an Amiga, it would be nothing more than a sticker with the name 'Amiga' written on it, and I believe the Amiga was far more than that.
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