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I think trodas is just being honest. Actually winuse does suck on my system but I know it's my system that is not up to amiga emulation task so I know my system sucks, not winuae. I would prefer whdload to be an emulator that was modest requirements like winfellow but it isn't. Let's not expect everyone who uses this emulator know everything about it and be open minded to all kinds of criticisms as long as we can differ them from insults. Trodas wasn't kind yet he didn't have other intentions than expressing his experiences either. Using slang words in a community you're not well known and accepted often causes disturbances but is there a real need for a kickban? If I were attacked just because I said "suxxx" I wouldn't behave any better. I don't think trodas is like Fil or Superfrog, just a guy who made the mistake to compare emulation with the real thing. Let's just keep cool and rethink about it people WinUAE is getting better and getting more complicated everyday.

The problem is:
When I masturbate, I don't enjoy it as much as when I'm playing this game on my real Amiga.

The exact moment it happens is when:
The emulator starts but I don't even see the Amiga Kick 1.3 hand, but I can see my hand on my dick
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