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Introduce Myself

Hi all,
I am carloratm, 28 yo, from Italy.

I own and currently use an Amiga 1200.

My setup is:
Competition PRO Joystick
1GB CF as Hard Disk
Serial MIDI Interface
Indivision AGA Mk2cr
Omega 1200 Nemesis with 2M of RAM

I use the Amiga mostly for:
1. Gaming!
2. As a software synthetizer (Aegis Sonix, Synthia and A-Drum)

If you want to see my setup, you can do that here:

I have changed a bit that desk, removing the USB soundcard and replacing it with an USB Mixer.
Currently the A1200 audio output is plugged in the Mixer and it is connected via MIDI to my notebook.
I have also replaced the mouse with the classic one (the best mouse af all time IMHO)!

If you want to see more photos of my Amiga 1200:

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