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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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Originally Posted by lukassid View Post

Turrican3 Commodore went bankrupt in 1994. World changed, there is no need for Amiga, Ataris and old crap. You never beat Intel, Apple realize that and joined the x86 train.
Just think of their resources and they didn't went custom chips way. They would prefer that but they don't have the resources to compete with Intel. Who does? Even PS4 and Xbox are now x86.
Personally I don't care of any Amiga/Commodore corpse raping anymore. We've seen it all before. Buy yourself PPC mac install MorphOS , that is closest to modern Amiga you will ever get without spending fortune on OS4.1 machine.
I just can't leave the idea, and i always hope that the future can lead to surprises ! The amiga still have a great echo in the industry and in the mind of past amigans or guys who just dreamed to have one !!
Just speak seriously with guy who works in computers , you will fastly see than some guys still have a light in there eyes when you speak about the amiga. Often they would like an amiga comeback.If everybody say there is no way for sure it will lead to nothing... The home computers was a bunch of fun by the amiga era but now, it's no more than a vhs device.
I think we could be surprise if a big one like sony would like to make a new computer, if this computer is fun to use, i should be the first to buy it and i don't care about the name, i would prefer the amiga name but any computer which could put a kick in the anthill should lead to enthusiasm.
If the name and mostly his spirit came from the amiga its better.
When do we had an exciting computer ?? a new exciting technology ??? Something new, something that you can still in front and say what an achievement ??? there is no more fun in the present industry and i still hope that something will change !! Something must change !!
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