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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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Personnaly i think, if aeon still in the path they used, there is no bright future... The mobo is too expensive. The price is the first problem.
1600 euro just for the mobo is too expensive. That's why they should try to find a big deal with a big fish they can trust, but does it exist, i mean can you trust anyone of these sharks ???
Or they should put money in making a new custom chip something revolutionar, but what could be done in 1985, could it be again in 2014 ???
Well, myself, i enjoy the amiga like it is actually a great hobby computer the one who lead to the multimedia the one who open the artistic area. But i leave a place for a future, i keep hope in aeon, i hope they still invest in something bigger than amigaone, something that they could show the world when we will have everything needed in software, they will perhaps be more ambitious but i don't know if they have enough money to lead the amiga to a high level maket competition ??? I still hope because the today computers are too boring or too expensives... The amiga was the only computer for mewho had everything, it was ahead its time, the best technology, hardware and software but a really good price, i mean after the a1000 era. like many of us said without custom chips, it's not an amiga... but i wanted too add a shade, without custom chips made in house, it's no more a funny computer, it's a computer like the others, the amiga returned in the ranks...

If they really want to have the amiga spirit they should invest in a research department and make a great innovative custom chip.

But what should do an innovative custom chip these days ??? I must admit, i don't know, i don't know what could be revolutionar like the amiga 1000 was ????

Do you have an idea what could be a revolutionar custom chip ???
Do Aeon have the power to make it ??? (they have xena but it doesn't seems to lead to an excitement.)
Or they should try to have a deal with IBM ???
What is your thinking ?
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