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I have decided to ignore this topic from now ... currently see no point to continue searching for other possible demo/intro problems as everything seems to work fine now and probably it will need wasting lots of time to find any new problem.

Therefore once again, many thanks to Toni for fixing most of the reported demo problems.


p.s. In attachment is .dat file list of all already tested demos/intros.

more than >10.500 demos/intros has been tested in WinUAE

of which are 277 reported as problems (or 2.64% of all tested demos)

of which are 182 confirmed to behave same as on a real A500 (or 65.7% of all reported problems)

so thus were left only 95 of possible WinUAE real problems (or 34.3% of all reported problems)

of which 65 demos/intros has already been fixed (or 68.4% of WinUAE real problems)

so thus left only 30 demos/intros to solve/investigate (or only cca 0.29% of all already tested demos/intros)

therfore, according to this the current WinUAE acuraccy regarding demos/intros would be cca 99.71% (or perhaps even better )

From these 30 demos/intros left to solve/investigate it looks that only some 10 make a visible problem in WinUAE (like glitches etc.) ...
so according to this the current accuracy of WinUAE regarding demos is much higher ... cca >99.90% !!!
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