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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
if i could propose something :
if we use quickstart cd32, cd32 pas should be set by default ??
No (assuming pas = pad). Quickstart only sets internal hardware config, controller selection (host config) is user choice. (no controller, cd32 pad, standard joystick or even a mouse)

It probably should (from user point of view) but it would be annoying special case, host config shouldn't be modified.

I notice something strange, if i launch a pc game during the same time than winuae7.1 (quickstart cd32 bestcomp) lotus 1 (lotus trilogy) just crash at the first level ??!!
I will give others explanations if needed tomorrow. (i didn't had the time to test more further)
Because you'll surely need your crystal ball ???
You surely need to post it in separate thread and possibly game hates keyboard input or something similar.
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