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which big society could you accept the help to rebirth the amiga ?

1 st if you don't like the idea, if you think that amiga should stay dead don't troll and flame this thread, please.

I'm asking myself which company could be accepted,by the communauty, to help to the rebirth of the amiga ???? It should be a big one because it will be an incredible hard task, but i think it's still possible...

It's your turn to tell how you think it could be possible with which partenariat ??
the possibilities are limitless ( cd32 owners ).

I begin and i'll be crazy, why not a motherboard completly done by nvidia with not a core i x compatible no a day pc but for central cpu one we can find on gpu graphics cards ???? And an workbench 5.0 completly rewritten to use the power of each little peace of this technollogy ??? Something new not all these boring pc, something exotic and powerfull like the amiga was in 1985.I know that some coders use the nvidia gpus or ati gpus like a central cpu !! But could it be possible to do the same with a complete os ????

That's the deal, if you find something which could make the amiga exotic and powerfull again share your dreams, your crazyness with the community and i'm sure that fantastics harwares guru we have here will come to say if there is a possibility to make this kind of mobo or not.

Let's go guy who could help to resurrect the amiga, how, and the most difficult question : why ???

ps: if you think that the guys like aeon could make it by them self tell us too, how do you see it, how aeon could make the amiga more attractive?

Let's go guys, don't be affraid : just be innovative, a little bit crazy and positif.
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