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The file is a custom ROM using Remus (see above).
But it doesn't really matter, it won't softkick any (either images of 3.1, or custom)

The 1st custom one I made was a 3.1 rom with the 3.9 modules added, which I burned to physical ROMs. Used them for years with no issues. RemAPollo kicked them to fast ram, no problems. (68060.library 46.7 libs work fine)

Softkicking images or modules works fine if you stick to the Apollo 68060 libs, but my system ain't that stable on them. I need the newer libs as mentioned earlier for the system to remain stable, and fast!
RemApollo doesn't like these newer libs and will only work with a physical ROM (ie no ROM images, or Modules.....)

The problem arose when I needed to make the new maths libs resident (the old ones are in the custom 3.9 ROMs), it wouldn't work. I always get the ramlib error. (Works with older Apollo 68060 libs)

So my problem is that I seem to need a physically modified ROM (which includes the added new Maths libs) so that Remapollo will happily work together with the newer 68060 libs (46.7) = stable system & faaaaast

It's a real pain in the arse!

Update: I found that the system is stable on the old Apollo 68060 libs (60.10) if you do not use the DRAP command the the Startup-Sequence. However, it's painfully slow.... With the DRAP command the system freezes

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