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Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
My system only seems to work stable with 68060.library (46.7)
It doesn't work when RemAPollo kicks the rom (file) to fastmemory for some reason, but it's able to work kicking a physical rom.

It's the only way I've been able to use RemAPollo with 68060.libs(46.7), and the system is 'rock' solid. Also runs FAR faster than with the Apollo libs

I'll try the suggested method again mate, but it just wouldn't play ball last time I tried. Easier than burning ROM's if it does

Update: nope doesn't work. I just get 'ramlib program failed error', whether I softkick a rom file, or load modules separately. Will have to burn the ROM.

If anyone can suggest better choices than above, can you let me know?
Thanks Chaps
what rom file are you trying to use? is it a dump of your physical roms?
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