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Can I suggest some games? I am now out from amiga's world, but in searching of new cd32 game compilations, I resumed an old discussion in which I told about a personal compilation project. I don't have anymore any files of my project but I remember that the games listed worked perfectly in a cd32 emulated with win-uae, so could you try with them?
Games working in my compilation:
Advantage tennis (keyboard)
bratwurst (an additictive aminet 2/4 players game, roketz clone)
brutaltenia (addictive aminet worms game 1/2 players)
rally championship aga (keyboard)
rally championship ecs
super takwondo master
warmup (keyboard)
satan (keyboard?)
castle kingdoms (shit game)

games not already tested in my compilation:
micro mortal tennis
super tennis champ (consider seriously)
drivin'force (required original disks)
power drift (reqired original disks)
big run
dogs of war

Could you also consider Snow Bros and liquid kid.

If you only would add Advantage tennis, rally championship AGA, Epic and Snow Bros I will be very happy. I really loved these games. Good work
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