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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
You have to be very careful when dealing with a virus on your real machine. Once you encounter an indication that a virus is active ("not a dos disk" in your case) you have to switch off the Amiga and remove the disk from the drive. If you do not do this and insert another disk (or ADF) this other disk will become infected immediately. This way sooner or later your entire ADF collection will be infected.

Note that this "not a dos disk" game cannot be repaired. There are two ways to get a "not a dos disk".

- a virus like Lamer Exterminator randomly overwrites blocks on the disk with garbage. This way a disk which formerly was a DOS disk becomes NDOS. It may be possible to rescue some files from such a disk but not all.

- every boot block virus will overwrite the boot block of a new inserted disk. The virus boot block behaves like a standard DOS boot block and thus is not recognised if the disk is a DOS disk. But for games it was a usual protection to be NDOS all the time and to store specific loading routines in a custom boot block. This custom bootblock has now been overwritten by the virus and cannot be restored. This game has been destroyed permanently because the custom boot block is an integral part of the game's code.
so is there a windows tool with a GUI to scan adfs so I can check before using them on my Amiga?
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