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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
An example of "PAL mode lace" where WinUAE option "Double, fields" works/looks better than "Double, frames"!
I'm not sure what the reasoning for the old Double, frames method was, but with that every other field is shown one field too late. In the majority of cases Double, fields should give better results. Though there are some specific cases where (for example) horizontally scrolling text at just the right speed might look better with the old method.

If you can recall any interlaced demos which use vertically scrolling text, I reckon they should always look better in Double, fields mode.

Off-topic for this thread but I just discovered that on Linux/Wine, using triple buffering gives more or less rock-solid interlace emulation with Double, fields+ mode. (I wasn't expecting that to be possible under Wine.)
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