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With the latest winuae.exe everything seems fine with border sprites, except that strange "slightly lighter red line" when the pointer extends above the top of the Workbench screen.

The width of the lighter region seems to vary depending on screen res (high res or super high res) and depth.

Could it perhaps not be an emulation problem, but related to the graphics.library copperlist? I took a screen capture to see exactly what the colours were. The red sprite colour is E04040, whereas the lighter colour is EE4444. Notice that the OCS/ECS colour E44 would convert to 24-bit AGA EE4444. But maybe there's a bug in graphics.library which, except for that one partial scanline, incorrectly converts it to E04040??? Does it happen on a real AGA machine?

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Bug or restriction. Sprite size change (16 <> 32 <> 64 wide) requires copperlist modification and perhaps old programs assume mouse cursor change must be immediate, without calls to slow routines that are needed to rebuild copperlist.
Perhaps it's a bug in IPrefs then? Even running a program which opens a custom screen (which should cause the system copperlist to be rebuilt) doesn't restore the missing right half of the pointer.

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