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Originally posted by Lockrobster
One example for the C= idiocy is the MIDI-Interface. Right, that one on the Atari ST, and the one they still hype this computer for. Midi on the Amiga would have been so cheap to implement, or at least sponsoring some small developer to have an official 50$ "A5xx Midi interface" expansion. At its time this would have been such a good move to gain a nice piece of the market.
Atari's were cheaper then amiga's So if people wanted to do the midi thing an atari being cheaper would have been better then an amiga + addon midi or a higher cost amiga with midi built in.

Also atari's had that cheap mono hi res monitor better suited to music then the amiga color monitor.

Atari was a cheap home computer while the amiga was a cheap home gaming machine (at least the entry level models)
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