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oh, CLI - I thought so, but "I" is far away from "2" on keyboard, so i wasnt that sure

"CLI 2" is a bit strange, seems something is loading, but does not finish the whole startup.

about the hdf, i have the same , no "*" infront of DH0: Volume: n/a - maybe standard, if it is a harddisk-file ( compared to windows folder).
double-click on that entry and ensure, it is read/write and bootable and correct path.

is there DH1: defined? AmigaSys install a Work: ( DH1 partition - a windows-folder AmigaSys\Work
double-click: read/wsrite is set? you can disable "bootable" if it is set - just in case.

are there more entries in harddrive setup?

look in "Floppy Drives" settings: are there any disks ? eject them , if so.

right after reboot, after maybe 3 second, can you see a boot-image "amigasys 4 loading" - picture with that text?

when you see the cli, can you trigger commands like:
mount env:
list s:startup-sequence
list s:user-startup

about installation : you were asked for the workbench disks ( locale fonts ... ) ?

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