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Hi, Lantus360.

Thanks for your work on this. I have tried this out on my A1200 with ACA1230/56 (64mb) but I get an error of some sort - I think this is the relevant text for it:

W_GetNumForName: tables not found!
Episode = 0
Area = 1

I am using the Shareware files (unpatched) that are called HUNTBGIN.RTC/RTL/WAD (1 set downloaded from the 3dRealms website and your own ones in your ROTT folder) and I have used the NOSOUND tooltype as I wanted to try it out first to see if it's playable on my setup before I purchase the commercial version (now $5.99 on GOG BTW).

I've also just read your note about the 030 version of the exe. I'll try both versions if and when my limited ability manages to get it working and let you know which is better.

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