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Originally posted by Djay
hmmm.. another thing...

if you look at Apple computers compared to PCs... better hardware.. better OS... but still the PC dominates...

what do Apple and Commodore have incommon...

... in house hardware...

your average PC nut can upgrade a PC, back in the day you could not upgrade an Apple or an Amiga...

if a PC broke... you went out a replaced the dead part... if you ran out of memory... you go out and buy some more...

the PCs whole market is based on being unreliable or out-of-date before you get it home...

Apple and Commodore shot themselves in the foot by making good hardware!!!!

Apple hasnt had faster computers or better hardware since the early 90's. All they use now is old PC teccchnology bundled with a slow G4 processor. I dont care what jobs says about the power of the g4, I know people with top of the line macs and pc's and the mac takes 3 times as long to do what the pc does with the same brand of software on both machines. This bullshit is sold onto the mass of mac users because they dont know any better and would jump the platform if they actually tried comparing current PC's to current powermacs. There are maybe 5 apps that even use altevec on the G4. OSX is bloatware even on the hardware it was specifically made to run on. Mac users get to pay at least 2 times what a PC user pays for the same video card with mac specific bios.

The mac platform had a better os up to and including windows 3.1, and a just as good OS in the windows 9x era. Windows 2k is just as stable as OSX, runs faster on much older hardware then osx, and runs legacy apps which osx completely got rid off. Not to mention there are drivers for just about any hardware made around the time of win2k, can that even remotely be said of osx?

And your comment about the average PC users being able to upgrade their machine easily is dead on. On the current mac replacing a motherboard for newer technology would be more expensive then just buying a new computer.
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