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Originally Posted by corpsicle View Post
Hi, just tried this a little bit and ran into trouble.
My rig is a bit OTT i guess so its pretty certain that the problem is with my setup. =P
But either way i wanted to let you know.


Cyberstorm060@66mhz, 128mb ram
Sunrize AD516
Thylacine USB
Prometheus PCI bridge:
- Voodoo3

OS3.9 with all the BB's

When starting the game from commandline the computer reboots when adding the wad. ( stacksize ? )
When doubleclicking the icon ( like it says in the readme ) i get the apogee logo ( both in aga and cfx mode ) and then i get ROTT.exe program failed blabla #80000004. ( ending at 5 in another run )
The output window says CPU: 68060 as its last message.
Same thing running with no startup and just setpatch/loadwb after boot.
Any ideas at all ?
thanks for the report corpsicle - are you sure you have the correct WAD , the MD5s need to match

as for command line try give it a stack of 100k and seeing if that helps
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