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Screen right edge clipping issue

I noticed a small issue with the right edge of the screen being clipped in AGA programmed video modes. An ECS config didn't show this problem.

With a DblNTSC, DblPAL, Euro72, Multiscan or Super72 screen at max. overscan, the right screen edge (maybe 2 or 3 pixels?) is clipped. Try booting the test ADF I attached in the AGA border sprites thread, click MaxOverscan.pre then change screenmode.

Another issue shows up with Euro36 modes when resolution is set to SuperHires in the Display panel. This happens with both ECS and AGA. Set Workbench to Euro36 super-high res laced, maximum overscan (1440x400). The display appears normal (when resolution set to Hires in display panel). Now set resolution in display panel to SuperHires. The right edge of the Workbench screen is clipped and there's a black border at the left side of the emulation window.
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