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Hi Guys,

This is a really good solid port, nice work lantus360

I've tested on my A1200 & A4000 (using the GOG files) patched and it works very well indeed.

Performance on the A1200 which is powered by a Blizzard 1230MkIV is quite slow however low details and half screen size is playable.

On my A4000 which is 040 @40mhz + RTG is really flys, full screen and high details is very smooth.

I'm really impressed at the options, I'm yet to try on my A500+ (With ACA500 and ACA1232) but I will do this afternoon using the EHB mode and report back, I expect it will be a struggle.

Does your port use AHI or is the sound direct?

Lastly the Indivision tooltype, is this graffiti support or is it the 256col mode the Indivision ECS uses? I'd like to test that on my A600 but I only have an 020 these days and expect it might not be playable even with minimal settings.

Again, very great work - kudos.
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