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I'll get a bit off-topic here as That's an interesting discussion.

Years ago, when the Mega-Drive and the Amiga were hot, we're used to hear "The good times were when we had Spectrums, C64s and stuff"...

Today I hear people say the good times were when he had Amigas and Mega-Drives

in a few years, I believe we'll be hearing people saying the good times were when we had PSXs and Sega Saturns..

I believe each "era" have good and bad games. The truth is, the good games used to get more credit in the past.

Everybody knows Defender or Asteroids, great games from the 80s. From mid 90s. we had, say, Turrican and Gunstar Heroes, mid-known games (for masses). Today we have stuff like The Reap, Worms Armageddon for PC or Dangun Feveron on arcades, games that are widely unknown ....
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