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Amigaboy: Thanks. I was trying to help as much as possible but I'm afraid nothing will help. It seems this guy wants WinUAE to be 100% perfect in every way...but the bad news is...IT'S EMULATION, which basically means it will NEVER be EXACTLY the same as a real Amiga but really close. And I think WinUAE is VERY close to the real thing. But every emulator has flaws, none of them are 100% the same as using the real thing, no matter what console or computer or arcade machine your trying to emulate.

I still say "Hats off to Toni"...I have had nothing but fun with WinUAE and it just keeps getting better with every update. So ignore pointless bitching and whining, it happens on every forum.

For a while I was heavily into game editing forums (i.e. UT and Quake3 model/skins forums) and the same crap happens there. Someone makes a model for Quake and someones gotta bitch cause one of the animations jerk a little or they just plain cant get it to work. And the funny thing is...IT'S FREE...YOU DIDN'T EVEN PAY FOR IT...So why bitch?! Basically...I guess the bottom line to all of this mess is......

If it works for everyone else, but not for you......why is it WinUAE's fault?! If it works for everyone else inculding me than it most likely is a problem on your end. But finding the problem isnt always cut n dry. Theres soooo many different things that may be causing it... Hopefully my config files will help him...but I'm not counting on it to be honest.
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