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Originally Posted by gjb1985 View Post
I don't think the laser unit is the problem considering it reads music cd's fine and also pirates! gold pas the initial loading.

maybe it could help if I found a picture with the original screw settings of the focus pots(teg, feg etc) it's rather unclear in the faq I have. I thought I put them the way they were though.

also what is an oscilloscope? I need it to adjust lens?
If the laser is making a whining noise, then its to high or you have screwed the focus, bios etc etc. You may never get it back to a working condition without alot of effort and patience.
On the laser itself is one pot. Not the pots on the main board.
You will need to take it apart to get at laser and pot.

Just turn it slightly anti-clockwise (reduces power), if that doesn't help try clockwise (increase power). Dont go nuts though as you could kill the laser completely. Before you start mark the pot position, so you can always put it back to its original position.
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