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Found this very useful, thanks guys! I didn't have any clue about RemApollo or HSMaths before, followed Steve's and Nova's advice and have got my system running nice and fast (1260/80 64mb), games like The Dig, Quake/AmiDoom etc run super fast, same as the vids posted on youtube. However...

System has got 'jerky' in the last hour, I'm assuming it's because I'm using the demo version of HSMaths, the Register Now message is coming up a lot. Has this happened to anyone else prior to registration? I registered HSMaths about a week ago but haven't got the registered version yet, presuming it's just the time of year and he's busy...


OS3.9 BB1,2,3,4

EDIT:Talk about timing! HSMaths Registration just arrived in my inbox so should be able to answer my own question very soon!

EDIT2: Yep that seemed to solve the problem...

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