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Originally Posted by vitux View Post
How about the edition boxed you were planning?
I'm waiting how much interest is left. Usually the interest in such things is quickly fading after you have downloaded and played the game.

Originally Posted by nittamituaki View Post
I confirmed that the blue button of CD32's Pad also can be used for jump.

But why you decide second-button for jump?
Is there any reason why we cannot use first(fire) button for jump?
At the beginning of the development it was unclear whether we would need the fire button for some kind of a missile or not. Now the first button is used to start the game.

If we could use fire button,we can use Megadrive 6-button pad
Six buttons and you still have to use the first one?

Sorry, but nothing will change with the controls. It is part of the retro experience, in the same way as the trackloader is.
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