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Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
I have managed to get my system stable with the Apollo 1260, but I'm not totally satisfied it's running optimally.

I am running the last version of 68060 libs (46.7), I have included both Cyberpatcher & Copymem060 in the Startup-Sequence. I have also moved the 3.9 rom to fast memory with RemApollo.

The system is Classic WB 3.9. Is there anything else that can be done to increase performance?
Systempatch (includes BlazeWCP and FText as well as plenty other patches)
new scsi.device
new icon.library

68060.library from cosmos (but may cause problems)
ROM modules from AmigaOS ROM update and new modules from don_Adan loading via loadmodule, or You need to burn new custom kickstart.
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