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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Very likely! A Competition Pro is highly recommended.

The game supports using the second joystick button as an alternative to "up". Maybe this works better for you?

I can also imagine that it is harder to control your jumps in mid-air with a joypad.
I confirmed that the blue button of CD32's Pad also can be used for jump.
But why you decide second-button for jump?
Is there any reason why we cannot use first(fire) button for jump?
Actually we don't use fire button in-game because we defeat enemies by step on their head only.
If we could use fire button,we can use Megadrive 6-button pad ( more inexpensive than "Competition Pro",but one of the greatest control pad ever!).

Thank you very much for nice game.
I am impressed by especially some objects(bookshelf ,etc).
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