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Originally posted by Pyromania
Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Marketing prevented the Amiga from being even more popular in the late 80's. Obsolete hardware is what killed it in the early 90's

You cant blame marketing for the bad game machine specs on the A1200 in the 93 market.

Faster cpu's in ZIF socket, FPU socket, 16 bit stereo, cheap 30 pin sim meory upgrades on the motherboard, and cheap cdrom upgrades would have went a long way in keeping the system current in the 90's.

I assume people will start complaining that all those options cost money, but how many people spent quite a few times what A1200 cost to get thier 386/486 PC? Back then PC's were very expensive compared to the 100% commodity hardware we have now.

The A1200 would have cost more with all those options, but people would have purchased them anyway, and the developers would have stayed.
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