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Originally Posted by bubbob42 View Post
Most Panasonic Drives have SMD-capacitors, which tend to leak over time. This will lead to read errors, especially with custom formats. I have put such a drive in my A1000 a while ago and it's got trouble with trackloaders and - most unfortunately - the Kickstart-disk. :-)

Check your drive, clean it and replace the capacitors with ceramic ones. IIRC someone on EAB described exactly that procedure a few days ago.

A lot of drives were tested with Solid Gold and the best performer here was the Chinon FB354, which has no SMD caps at all. Never had any issues when running the game from UAE or HxC-Floppy, too.

Another option will be WHDLoad; I myself am eagerly awaiting Codetapper's upcoming slave.

Edit: Or Stingray's - whoever gets there first
I've swapped the disk drives, it's working now on the ACA620 machine. Both from floppy and via WHDload.

I'll test later with the "bad" drive on the other A600 too see if the same problem happens on that machine.
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