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AKA Pavel Narozny.......

Please don't excuse this guys English as some reason for his idiocy..... he is an idiot, plain and simple.

He is one of the reasons (the only one) why I no longer can be bothered to go onto IRC #KAERVEK

I like to enjoy my time when I go on Amiga, and I am afraid, this guy (this idiot!) doesn't make it so enjoyable.

He demands this, demands that, takes the piss out of people and pretends to not know he's doing it!

I fear, that coming to English Amiga Board for me will now become a lesser experience for me.

I don't want to sound dismissive, but frankly, the sooner this moaning fuckwit is 'removed' from EAB, the better we will all be.

Put it this way............. Someone with absolutely no experience or knowlege of the Amiga is far more preferable (and knowlegable) and interesting to converse with than Pavel, that I see no logical reason for him to stay.

If he does stay, I simply won't be coming here as often.

It appears that Marz (aka Methodgit) has finally sorted his act out, alas, Pavel has been playing his stupid monkey game for three years now....... and its long since boring!
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