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@Der Wanderer I am now self-supplied with simple test programs, but I would like to test more real-world programs - specifically I want to test that the "WinUAE compatibility layer" (compatibility with the existing native interface) is actually compatible...

So if possible, I would appreciate a preconfigured test setup with synth.dll and something Amiga-side which uses it. I can then test that with FS-UAE for windows/x86 (*).

(*) Note, it will only work in FS-UAE as long as there is no WinUAE-specific behaviour. For example, if the amigawnd member of the "a6 struct" is used it will not work.

You'll also be happy to hear that the new interface is largely interoperable with the old. You can open a native library with the new interface and use the functions via the old - or vice versa. So one can for example port code over gradually to use the new async functions (or even keep using the old interface if so desired).
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