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el nico
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i have a blizzard IV 030/50
i notice the great value of the ACA accelerators is
- the speed of the memory
- the ACA1232 is generic for the 68020 or 68030

why individual computer don't implement a "generic ACA like accelerator card for 68040 or 68060" ?
without the processor !!! but with the cpu socket

for example, 68040 is at 24.90 $

for example, 68060 is 109.10 $

the advantage for the seller is :
- no stock of processor to buy

the advantage for the buyer
- the old owner of 68040 or 68060 (apollo, blizzard) will change for a best Bandwidth of memory
- the new owner could buy the processor on internet

the desadvantage for the buyer
- you must find and install processor and choose jumper settings for cpu and memory clock speed

i think the best solution would be with no soldering

i'm a dreamer
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