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Originally Posted by crasbe View Post
You have Clone-A technology, don't you?
Sure, but FPGAs are still far more expensive than the real things. Also, some people really prefer the "real things", because they don't believe in the accuracy of FPGA implementations. I get that kind of request frequently for Indivision ECS, and only after months of use, people accept that it's really accurate.

Not a good advertising line: More expensive and maybe not as compatible as the real thing. I better look out for more real chips.

It's a new business year, and if people don't bid high prices for small quantities of chips, chip brokers may finally realize that the stuff they gambled on is worthless and let go of them for affordable prices. I've already made some good deals last year, and I'm confident that I can collect enough stuff after the tax-writeoff that has surely happened on december 31st ;-)

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