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No. If you don't know what it means, you either should forget about it or research it yourself instead of blindly changing the option.

No "normal" user need to ever select 68060 emulation, there is no 68060-only user space programs. (No, there really isn't any, some may say so but only because REAL 68040 or older is too slow)

"I know i have correct libraries, I have 68060.library in libs:". No, it isn't that simple, he/she may still have 68040.library that crashes with 68060 or no dummy 68040.library and old enough setpatch which ignores 68060.library. Or the library may be hardware specific one and not "generic" or. or. and so on.

You really have to know what are you doing if you use 68060. It is same with real 68060 hardware, search and you find out that there are lots of questions about 68060 crashing or working slowly or FPU not working and so on..
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