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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It works as designed. It prevents users from ticking it because it looks interesting. (and break their system, they also most likely don't have correct CPU libraries installed and then complaining emulation being broken..)
Possibly you could add a more descriptive tooltip? Personally when it comes to tooltips in general (for any program) I prefer them to not only contain the "technical" aspect, but also to indicate what the use is of the option, to me as a user. Such that I can make a better judgement whether I should tick or untick it, even when I don't know the exact technicality of it.

As a suggestion it could be something along the lines of "Emulate 68060 unimplemented integer instruction. Check this option for more accurate 68060 emulation. Note that it causes issues when you don't have correct CPU libraries installed." It's still short, but more descriptive in a non-technical sense.

Edit to add: since you'd probably want it shorter it could also be something like "Emulate 68060 unimplemented integer instruction. More accurate, but will cause issues when you don't have correct (68040/060) CPU libraries installed."

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