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Hi guys, I'm thec^outbreak and a fresh Amiga owner.

I have roots in the demoscene as a PC coder and know some Amiga coders such as Djinn, Ham, Britelite, Photon and Kalms since way back.

About a month ago I bought my first Amiga computer (a 1200) to try to figure it out. So far I have played around with Photons excellent tutorials and tried to get my head around the hardware. I have owned an Atari STFM but in truth I always wanted the Amiga 500! I played a lot of games back in the days and played around a bit in STOS and AMOS but never really got going until I started BASIC on a 8086 PC in school :-) From there I tried pascal, c, c++, intel asm, motorola 8 bit machine code, octal machine code and pretty much everything in between.

What made me buy the Amiga was not just nostalgic reasons but to learn to code for a hardware with specialized chips and also different (motorola) than I'm used to.

As I said right now I'm trying to figure out the hardware and understanding the limitations of the machine. Having never really thought about DMA and such this is a huge task for me. Tutorials can teach you how to do stuff, but it's tough to understand how the hardware runs internally. Links appriciated!

What eventually have turned me off on the PC is that I have always liked minimalistic coding and design rather than the full blown real time raytracer and math heavy effects style of coding. Much because I lack the mathematical knowledge to play around with it, that I'll be the first to admit, but also the race to success is just not achievable with a full time job.

By the way, I'm a tile layer ;-)

Back to the Amiga, I settled on the A1200 because first of all I like the specs of the machine, and the ease to expand it with CF HDD and PCMCGA CF (which is done) and also to expand it with an accelerator later. With the new ACA-500 I could have bought an Amiga 500 (and who says it's too late?) but I think I'll eventually code for 030 so it doesn't really matter.

Djinn and Photon told me to be a member here, so, here I am :-) I'll be greatful for any help!

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