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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't know how this works trap magic works, I only know it works
I'll take your word for it (I also peeked into traps.cpp, and fortunately that code is well documented).

Here's a short progress report:

I've managed to create and use "uae-native.library" (I took a look at existing code in bsdsocket and some other places)

I've also got a GCC 2.95 cross-compiling build environment now, so I'm self-supplied with Amiga-side test code. It was a nightmare trying to build GCC 2.95 and related tools until I found (highly recommended). I must remember to send a thank-you e-email!

I've not tried to make it asynchronous yet, and I haven't written a library wrapper generator either. The latter will make the Amiga-side code nicer and cleaner, though I think the calling code already looks quite nice without library-specific wrappers.

It is looking quite good now, and I'll post some more information and example code later
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