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Originally Posted by lantus360 View Post
thanks Nova, ill take a peek and see if i can use any of that code.

ROTT sound core is strange . Unlike the Doom games, it used VOC audio files rather than raw audio/WAVs inside its WAD file. I started out writing a VOC decoder, but it used up way too many cpu cycles. As a result im going to supply a PPF or IPS file to patch the original wad to a modified one that is friendly with the Amiga. The patch will patch all the vocs->raw
As far as RTG goes yep, im using CGX API. Right now its fixed at 320x200 (like the AGA and ECS builds) for the first release. It may change going forward
Yep pre-converting is always the best way to go with 68k, you need every cycle you can get

I think this is the fastest way to update the screen with CGX

PHP Code:
void I_FinishUpdate(void)
APTR video_bitmap_handle NULL;
UBYTE *base_address NULL;
// Check whether the palette was changed.
if (_paletteDirty) {

// Reset.
_paletteDirty FALSE;
video_bitmap_handle LockBitMapTags(_hardwareScreen->ViewPort.RasInfo->BitMap,
    if (
video_bitmap_handle) {
CopyMemQuick(screen->bufferbase_address, (screen->width screen->height));
UnLockBitMap (video_bitmap_handle);
video_bitmap_handle NULL;

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